About the Financial Assistance Program

Who is Eligible?

Those eligible for monetary donations include current employees of the Alabama Department of Corrections (ADOC), retirees from the ADOC, major charitable organizations (American Cancer Society, Red Cross, Etc.) and, in cases of death or injury in the line of duty, sworn law enforcement officers of other state/county/city law enforcement agencies.

The Alabama Correctional Employee Support Fund (ACESF) will provide monetary support for any event or circumstance that results in a person becoming needy, ill, distressed, poor, underprivileged, etc. will be considered for support.

Application Submission:  All applicants should complete the "Application for Support" form and submit to the ACESF office located in the ADOC Administrative Office at the Criminal Justice Center in Montgomery.  Applicants should include all supporting materials.  Application package should be sent to the attention of the ACESF Secretary.

Please click HERE for application.