OfficersBoard Members
President - (vacant)Angie Baggett
Vice President - Andy FarquharErica Endress
Secretary - Glen CaseyPhyllis Billups-Hetherington
Treasurer - David SmithForrest Johnson

Lori McCulloch

Bert Ousley

Michael Wetherill

Alabama Correctional Employee Support Fund Mission Statement:

"The mission of the Alabama Correctional Employee Support Fund, Inc. is to raise and disseminate funds to persons currently employed by, or retired from the Alabama Department of Corrections and members of such persons' families and to members of the public at large in some circumstances for the purpose of financially supporting those who are needy, ill, or distressed because of disaster, hardship, or other circumstances: and the purpose of providing educational scholarships based on need and/or merit."

The Board of Directors is responsible for the management of the operations, affairs and property of the Fund.  All of the Fund's officers and directors are employees or retired employees of the Alabama Department of Corrections.  There is no compensation paid to the officers or members of the Fund.

President:  (vacant)

Vice President:  Andy Farquhar
Secretary:  Glen Casey 
Treasurer:  David Smith

Board Member:  Phyllis Billups-Hetherington
Board Member:  Forrest Johnson 
Board Member:   Angie Baggett
Board Member: Erica Endress

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Board Member:  Lori McCulloch

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Board Member:  Bert Ousley

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Board Member:  Michael Wetherill

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