About the Scholarship Program

Who May Apply?

Alabama Correctional Employee Support Fund offers college scholarships to employees, and to their children, grandchildren or wards.

The ACESF does not, and will not discriminate, on the basis of race, color, sex, religion, orientation or national origin or on any other basis in either the application process or in the consideration and granting of the scholarships provided by the ACESF.

Scholarship Conditions

The amount of the general scholarships will be $1,000 for undergraduate students, $1,500 for graduate students and $500 for previous award recipients.  The number of scholarships awarded depends upon donations received by the ACESF.

Two memorial scholarships are also awarded; The Charles and Doris Farquhar Memorial Scholarship and the ADOC Fallen Officer Memorial Scholarship.  The Farquhar Memorial Scholarship is $2,500 and the Fallen Officer Memorial Scholarship is $1,500.

Scholarships awarded by the ACESF will be transmitted directly to the educational institution for credit to the student's account at the institution with notification of receipt to be received from the educational institution.

In order for the scholarship funds to be received to the benefit of the scholarship recipient, the student must enroll on a full-time basis at the institution selected, which full-time status must be certified to by the institution.  Failure to qualify as a full-time student will result in a rescission of the scholarship with the funds being returned from the institution to the ACESF.  The only exception to this rule is for current active ADOC employees who may enroll on a part time basis; and except as determined by the ACESF on a nondiscriminatory basis, there will be no deferral of enrollment.

The scholarships will not be awarded solely based on need, nor will need be a predominate basis upon which any determination is made.

The Application Process

Download the application packet HERE.  The application packet describes the scholarships, the process and full requirements.

The application (and all attachments thereto) must be completed, signed and submitted to the Alabama Correctional Employee Support Fund, care of Erica Endress, P.O. Box 2469, Montgomery, AL 36102-2469.  If an applicant fails to complete the entire application or fails to submit all the items in the format requested hereunder by the deadline date, the application will not be considered for any purposes or under any circumstances with respect to the scholarships of the ACESF.

Please note that applications submitted for children or grandchildren of ADOC employees must be signed by both the student applying for the scholarship and the parent/guardian of the applicant and, if either of such signatures is not on the application, the application will not be considered in the application process.  The application with all required attachments and submissions must be received no later than March 1st.

The following items must be included in the application submission:

1.  Official Transcript
2.  Test Scores (High School Seniors and Collegiate Freshman)
3.  Two Letters of Recommendation
4.  The Scholarship Essay